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through congress. >> it is $6 billion per year, that's a lot of money for the taxpayers. >> absolutely, $6 billion is a lot. that's how much we spend on three weeks in the war in afghanistan. >> for a congress bitterly divided, the senate debate was nasty. >> we don't think young people should have to suffer anymore than they already are as a result of this failure to turn the economy around. >> reporter: when congress lowered student loan rates back in 2007, 77 republicans signed on as cosponsors, but in today's poisonous political environment, each party has its own plan. democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay the $6 billion tab. republicans want to raid a fund in obama's healthcare reform plan. >> sending a clear message. rather protect wealthy tax dodgers, that's what they are,
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than help promising students achieve their dreams. >> too little to even start debating the bill. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the president is pushing congress to agree to something before rates go up in july. >> congress needs to keep student loan rates from doubling for students that are here and all across the country. >> reporter: at george washington university where college costs are approaching $60,000 a year, left to wonder how he is going to pay his bills four years from now. >> even if the interest rates are high, i'm going to do what i can do and hopefully my parents will help out somewhat, because it's going to be rough. >> reporter: in washington, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and republicans have successfully filibustered a democratic bill 21 times during the congress. it is unclear when or if any plan to free student loan interest rates will move forward. in the last two minutes, the polls have closed in the
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indiana republican presidential primary. and some crazy massive upset, mitt romney will win the state. casting ballots for a republican nominee today. polls close at 7:30. a total of 132 delegates are up for grabs and if romney pulls off the sweep, as expected, he'll move forward with 156 needed to clinch the nomination. and all that as a brand-new poll shows the race between romney and the president, a dead heat. it was released today by gallop. 44% would choose the president. now, that's a big change from two weeks ago when the same poll gave president obama a 7 point lead. a judge has denied bond to an alexandria woman arrested and jailed in a deadly case of road rage. her name, gloria mcmillen. she's 32 years old. fairfax county police say she got into an argument with another driver last friday and
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police say mcmillen ran over that other driver. she was 21-year-old arrington and she died of those injuries. police say mcmillen had a man and child in her suv at the time. she tried to hide her suv by leaving it in southwest d.c. >> some folks first instinct might be that fight or flight instinct and you flee. nothing is good of that. >> mcmillen faces felony hit- and-run. she has a long record. over the past ten years, she has been charged with more than 24 counts. everything from reckless driving to grand larceny. hundreds of people and priests gather to celebrate the life of the reverend mary mary chone. the shooter was a homeless man. his name was douglas jones and he later killed himself. brewington's funeral is
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thursday. city leaders in frederick have a big decision as they prepare for protests may 18 and 19th. a vote is expected whether or not to have a permit. scott broom reports the decision comes as schools have been ordered to close and merchants are warned, be ready for trouble. >> the economic summit of world leaders will be happening in camp david 21 miles from here. it's a place that protesters simply cannot get to. so they are planning on making a stand here in frederick instead. g8 protests can be remarkably violent, like this one in germany in 2007 or they can be a lot tamer, like this one at sea island georgia in 2004. in frederick, there is no doubt it's coming one way or the other and residents aren't sure what to expect. >> as long as they are peaceful, you know, they have free speech. if it's going to be radical, no, we don't need that.
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>> protest organizers with the peaceful occupy movement announced plans to flood the city. city leaders will decide on issuing rally permits for the city's baker park tonight. the frederick county school system has decided to close for the day, may 18, fearing clogged streets and closed roads. and frederick police have warned merchants to bring in sidewalk signs and decorations that could be turned into projectiles. lieutenant clark pennington speaks for the police department. >> if you don't feel comfortable staying open during this large event, you can close down. >> downtown, some merchants will close. >> we don't want our valuable coins out there for anyone to take. >> but some others are planning to be open for business. >> a lot of new folks in town and tourists, we're excited about it. >> reporter: police have underlined that peaceful protesters have every right to be here and will be respected. but police say they'll be ready if things cut the other way. in frederick, scott broom,
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9news now. now some protesters have already declared instructly because of the threat of the mass protest in chicago, they moved the summit to camp david instead. the summit is planned for may 18 and 19th. in virginia, the charlottesville city council is recommending the state change how it punishes people for possessing marijuana. it was all part of a controversial bill to deprioritize marijuana arrests. on a 3-2 vote, the council rejected a plan that would have made enforcing simple marijuana possession less of a priority. it did pass a measure for the state to treat marijuana like alcohol. it's a step in the right direction. >> in virginia, it's a tough state to get marijuana reform passed and we are excited to have, you know, make this first step. so i'm encouraged. >> people opposed to that resolution stormed out of the -- including a police chief say a proposal sends the wrong
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message to kids. >> it's hard to love a cloudy, rainy afternoon. we really needed this. >> we really did. despite the clouds, we manage to climb to 75, which is average for this time of year. we have more clouds and more showers north of town. here's a look at live doppler. heaviest activity is crossing on the east side of i-81. but light activity through berkeley and jefferson county, west virginia, and into frederick county, maryland, across 70. that's really just about it. everything is light for the time being. now temperature wise, still 73 downtown and 72 in manassas. but 68 in gaithersburg and also in leesburg and only 66 up in frederick. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. got to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in. especially later tonight. winds southwest at 10 to 15. we'll come back and talk about the showers and thunderstorms. a cold front will roll through tomorrow. we'll tell you what that means for your commute and the weekend. new hands go up at
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georgetown, but no thanks to those suspected thieves. we'll explain what happened. but first, a twist in the lawsuit over displaying the ten commandments in virginia as the judge proposes a very unusual solution. we'll tell you what that is, too. a smokin' new $6 footlong™ special! slow cooked chicken in tangy, sweet bbq sauce on freshly baked bread. it's a barbeque-licious $6 footlong™ special! come and get it! subway. eat fresh.
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we have breaking news in the race for the republican presidential nomination. mitt romney has won the indiana primary. there are a total of 46
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delegates up for grabs in the state and romney needs just 288 now to clinch the nomination. we will have the latest results from west virginia, north carolina, and those primaries tonight at 11:00. the lawsuit over virginia high school's display of the ten commandments is now headed for mediation. a federal judge made the decision yesterday instead of actually issuing a ruling on the case. instead, he wants giles county schools filing the lawsuit to consider a compromise on the display. his idea, remove the first four commandments, which all mentioned god and leave the other six behind. needless to say, the proposal caught both sides by surprise. >> that was an interesting suggestion. i didn't feel like i had the right to edit the commandments. >> it's not something i anticipated, but i understand why he ordered us into mediation and i think it's going to be a positive effort whether anything comes from it or not. >> now the family contends
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that display violates the first amendment, giles county argues those ten commandments are part of a larger historical display and the judge could issue a ruling. does moving those commandments -- removing the commandments make the display any less religious? and how can you edit the ten commandments? plus, the judge may be pushing mediation instead of making a decision. send your thoughts to mcginty's mail bag. >> it looks like our rainy, dreary day may be turning into a rainy, dreary night. his forecast is on the way. but first, where has the father of go go gone? we go searching for answers about chuck brown and, is he okay? that's up next. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points
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concern has been growing over the health of chuck brown. the god father of d.c. go go has not performed in more than two months and it's been tough to get information about where he is and what's wrong with him. 9news now has learned that chuck brown is in the hospital. he is recovering from pneumonia. and the reason for the worry is because as somebody once said, chuck brown is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis.
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for nearly five decades, chuck brown has been the god father of d.c.'s go go sound. >> all of the kids want it, all the grownups want it. >> music has never caught on like that in moton and memphis, but the biggest recording artists sampled it over the years. they know chuck brown. ♪ [ music ] 75 chuck browns have been absent from the stage for nearly two months. his band performed, prompting rumors of his death throughout the internet. >> through independent sources, chuck brown is still being treated in the intensive care unit at johns hopkins university hospital in baltimore. his manager and the family member would only confirm that he is still hospitalized and continue to ask his fans to pray for him. >> we are sharing our love for d.c.'s own, chuck brown, the godfather of go go.
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i don't know if you've heard, but he's been hospitalized for some time now. >> d.j., christina gray, was asking for prayers for chuck. >> it's huge. i mean, it's just amazing the impact that he has had on this area and society. nothing but love for chuck brown. >> one of chuck brown's daughters broke the family silence, confirming to a washington post reporter only that her father has pneumonia. chuck entered johns hopkins, originally complaining of arthritis. doctors discovered and removed more serious blood clots from his legs. he contracted pneumonia while in intensive care at the hospital. that's part of my last interview with chuck brown from last year when he was nominated for a grammy. the george washington national cathedral is honoring rosa parks.
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it's preparing to dedicate a new carving of parks. that carving will be formally installed thursday. the ceremony and evening prayer songs. parks refusal to give up her bus seat is often sited as the start of the movement against segregation. the clock hands are ticking at the top of hely hall at georgetown university. don't worry, the school did not give up its new mascot as the thieves had requested in a ransom note last week. instead, georgetown merely replaced the stolen hands. i guess it's money. the university is looking for the culprits and if they are caught, they could be suspended or thrown out of school. >> i think they will lay low until may 18. >> graduate and get out of town. >> let's talk about this rainy weather. >> well, your grass needs it. some showers north of town. we have one more chance tonight and tomorrow. i think you'll like the way we finish the week. we'll finish the week strong,
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my friend. let's have a live look outside. it is brought to you by michael and son. temperatures still 73. we have been stuck on 73 downtown. winds out of the south at 11. pressure is still falling. and really for the most part, it's going to fall or remain steady until we get through the front about this time tomorrow night. all right, let's talk about the satellite picture, radar combined, you can see where the front is. it stretches across much of the eastern united states and it's going to move very slowly eastward. it is still to our west. in fact, west of garrett county. it's just entering west virginia right now. that's where all the showers and thunderstorms are. by this time tomorrow, it will be just about through and consequently, it's going to be, showers and storms will be in the forecast through this time tomorrow. there's our first batch of showers that went through today. have a respite right now. we have a few shower north of town. you can access this any time. a little activity toward
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baltimore around i-70. heaviest activity has been around winchester. just about the last 45 minutes or so. nothing severe, but moderate rain around winchester on the east side of i-81 stretching towards charlestown. everything is just sort of drifting off to the north and to the east. everything for the most part is light right now. could change tomorrow evening if the front pushes through. 73 downtown, but 67 in bethesda. 68 in rockville. plenty of 60s. 68 in great falls. 67 in reston. 68 towards leesburg. 74 in college park and 69 in beltsville. so here's the deal. more showers on the way. probably a wet evening commute now. i think mainly a dry morning commute. but then another batch of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and evening and a strong finish to the week. it will be on the cool side, it will be refreshing. for tonight, mostly cloudy. 58 to about 64. winds south, southwest at 10 to
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15. now tomorrow morning, skies should return partly sunny late. breezy and mild. got to keep a shower or thunderstorm in. 60s and 70s. by afternoon, partly sunny, warm, a shower or thunderstorm possible. high temperatures 75 to 80 and winds out of the southwest at 10. here's what we mean about finishing strong. check out thursday. partly cloudy, temperatures around 70. friday, mostly sunny, temperatures near 70. and warmer over the weekend. mid 70s on saturday. should be dry for howard university commencement and on sunday for mom, just a slight chance of a shower, but temperatures nice. high temperatures in the mid 70s. better chance of shower next monday and tuesday. >> very cool, sir. let's get to our weird news file. what is it that makes rational people think their animals who are blessed with perfectly good fur. nonetheless enjoy being dressed up in crazy clothes? why did they do this? we don't know. but here we go again to kansas
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city where they celebrated with the fancy dressed chihuahua parade. more than 500 dogs were actually chihuahuas. the goal? to break the world record for biggest costume parade, but they fell 200 dogs short. the parade organizer said he was disappointing. said it was excessive that the people required to have a veterinarian on hand to make sure all the dogs were live. i disagree, if you listen closely, you can hear a lot of tiny voices saying please, kill me now. please. >> more disturbing is a record about that. >> that means it keeps going on. >> yeah. let's see the german shepherd parade. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, more troubling racist reaction to the caps hockey player who happens to be a black man. last time around when his heroics helped to beat the boston bruins, they lashed out
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with racist tweets. this time it's ward's mistake that cost the caps a heartbreaking loss to the rangers last night and it is caps fans or a few of them who lost their minds. on the w usa9 facebook page, this is good. after we complained about the racist in boston, we decided to do the same thing in d.c. should he be sat dun for a game because of it? yes. does it have anything to do with his race? no. and shawn says people need to keep in perspective. people are quick who got the caps through the second round. he got all of you fans another month of hockey. and jill hailey writes this, we are human beings, we all make mistakes, doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow or purple. i'm sure he feels bad enough. that is good advice and as has been pointed out, ward was enough of a standup guy last night to stick around and
7:27 pm
answer whatever questions reporters had for him. i'm told only one of those questions was for us. that is our report. i'll be back tonight at 11:00 along with topper shutt. log on any time you like to have a great evening. we'll see you later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. what's the best thing about being a mom so far? >> now, i know the reason why i'm born. >> beyonce. the new mom talking only to nancy o'dell at new york's famged met gala. rihanna in tom ford. sofia vergara in marchesa. ♪ >> gwyneth, tom and gisele and photos from inside the ball. plus "vogue's" andre leon talley with his best-dressed star of the night. and, nancy's date with tim tebow. >> there's a lot of pretty women here on the carpet tonight. >> and you're one of them. >> ashton kutcher's paparazzi push. is he facing trouble over his

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